Western Togoland: Six Ways to deal with the Secessionists from a Professional Negotiator

In the early hours of Friday, 25th September, 2020, a group of young men and women belonging to the Homeland Study Group Foundation who are championing the Sesesion  of the Volta Region from Ghana blocked all the major entry roads into the Volta Region.

To curb the help curtail the activities of the Western Togoland Sesesionisnts, a professional conflict negotiator has outlined six (6) ways in which the Government of Ghana can effectively deal with the Sesesionisnts.

Below are the steps as Outlined by the Professional negotiator;

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    • Call the leaders to a live televised meeting with the Regional Minister.


    • Let them declare all their demands, we expect them to say ‘independence for Volta Region’ .


    • Ask who mandated them to speak for all Voltarians, (make sure Voltarians are the ones questioning them).


    • Agree that those who demand Independence are free to leave Ghana. And those who want to stay must also be free to stay and ask him to present a list of those who want to leave.


    • If they can’t tell who wants to leave or stay and who mandated them, ( and of course they can’t), tell them the issue will be submitted for a Vote of all Voltarians.


    • Of course let’s hold a vote in Volta and declare the results. They will lose. And now declare them criminals and descend heavily on them afterwards.

From the view point of the Professional negotiator;

Those who say ‘why go through all this trouble’? It is called ‘Calling the bluff’ in Negotiation Skills.

It is a very cheap, fast and effective way of silencing the other side when you know you will win the bluff-call.

In this context It will work very well. And it will be cheaper and more effective than pretending this will go away by itself.

SOURCE: Talkingdrum.com.gh

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