Western Togoland Secessionists Group attacks STC bus Terminal at Ho

Cars Burnt By the Western Togoland Secessionists in Ho
The information available to talkingdrum.com.gh indicates that a group of armed men attacked the Ho State Transport Corporation’s bus terminal on Tuesday dawn.

The information reveals that the suspected separatist groups that have been agitating for the independence of Western Togoland from Ghana attacked the STC bus station at the Volta Regional capital, Ho where they destroyed some vehicles.

The attack which was carried out by armed militants of the separatist group on Tuesday dawn fired gunshots before attacking the bus terminal during which they assaulted a driver and a security guard.

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The security guard on duty was reportedly held at gunpoint while they set one of the buses on fire and damaging another.

This incident which occurred at the Ho Intercity STC yard has heightened the state of insecurity in the area with high presence of security forces in the area.

This latest attacks in the region comes days after the separatist group, the Western Togoland Restoration Front last Friday demanded for their sovereignty and independence from Ghana through a series of disturbances in the region where they blocked the major entry roads to the Volta Region.

It is however unclear if the perpetrators of this arson are members of the Western Togoland Restoration Front or the Homeland Study Group Foundation.

Below are the Pictures from the Scene:


SOURCE: Talkingdrum.com.gh


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