Video: Customers lament over Muddy Water Supply from Ghana Water Company Limited

Ghana Water Company Limited
Muddy water supply from Ghana Water Company Limited

A video have emerged of muddy water flowing through the tabs of Ghana Water Company Limited.

An aggrieved Customers of the Ghana Water Company Limited have shared a video on social media of muddy water flowing through his tabs from the company.

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According to the narration on the video, the person asked that the GWCL must be made to answer questions as to why their such muddy water is flowing through the supply pipes to People’s homes.

Ghana water have to answer some question. Look at the kind of water flowing through the tabs from Ghana Water. See this kind of water, is it Milo or coffee?. Ghana Water, this is very bad.

Watch the video below 

What is your Opinion about this kind of Water Supply from the Ghana Water Company. Share with us…



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