“Use motorbike or bicycle and stop the noise about the traffic situation” – Fred Duhoe

Fred Duhoe
Fred Duhoe

A Netizen has advised Ghanaians to start using alternative means of transportation and stop lamenting over the traffic situation on the country’s road.

On Thursday, the traffic situation in the capital city of Ghana—Accra was very huge due to the movement of cars because of the festive season.

This situation has got many Ghanaians talking about finding alternative means of transportation in the City of Accra.

However, a Netizen named Fred Duhoe has advised Ghanaians to use alternative means of transportation such as motorbikes and bicycles and lamenting about the traffic in the city.

Ina Facebook post, Fred Duhoe said;

“Use motorbike 🏍 or bicycle 🚲 and stop the noise about the traffic situation. You’re part of those causing the traffic”

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Fred Duhoe

SOURCE : Talkingdrum.com.gh


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