Three students of Adventist SHS sacked from boarding house for stealing their Housemaster’s Christmas goat

Information available to indicates that some students of the Adventist SHS have been sacked from the boarding house for stealing a goat.

According to the notice of their dismissal trending on social media, the students stole their Senior housemaster’s Christmas goat.

The notice of the dismissal also added that the students earlier thrèatened that they will steal the goat and true to their words, they executed their threats.

The notice of the dismissal of the students from the boarding house said;

“The above named students had the impudence and stole the goat of a

The goat, on the day it was brought and tired up, the students remarked that the g0at would not see the next day.

True to their words, the goat never saw the following day. When the students were confronted, they admitted having stolen the goat which was to be used by the Housemaster for the Christmas festivities. “

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However, talkingdrum cannot confirm the authenticity or otherwise of this notice since it does not have any official logo of the school and the notice also looks old.



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  1. Evans says:

    This happen I think three years ago

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