This is how the marriage ceremony of Efia Odo will look like

Efia Odo
Efia Odo

Popular Ghanaian actress and Socialite Andrea Owusu also known as Efia Odo has given a vivid explaintion of how he will like marriage ceremony to look like.

Explaining what her marriage ceremony will look like if she decides to tie the nut, the actress said that she will go for a “white wedding”.

Efia Odo stated that she prefers a beautiful Ghanaian traditional marriage to a “white wedding”

According to her, Caucasians or Europeans do not practice African traditional marriages and that there is no reason why should we practice theirs.

In tweet on, Efia Odo said

“If I do get married I don’t want a “white wedding”. I want a beautiful Ghanaian traditional marriage. You don’t see Caucasian/Europeans practicing African traditional marriages so why should we practice theirs?”


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Efia Odo

Some followers of Efia Odo have been reacting to her post.

@IykeNewton5 in his comment said “Why are you expressing your thoughts in English?

Why didn’t you make an announcement with a gong round your vicinity or better still the country? Why are you transmitting this through the internet?

A lot of whys…in fact an endless string of whys interspersed with wonders.

@KoblaJt in his comment also said “Coming from a female…99% of Ghanaian women want white wedding and then conclude you don’t love them if you don’t do what they want”



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