The Source of Okese 1’s wealth is not clean, he Sμcks blood for money – Man alleges

Okese 1
Okese 1
A tweep has alleged that Ghanaian musician Okese 1’s source of wealth is not clean.
The musician—Okesi 1 earlier made a tweet in which he urged his followers to work hard and not give up because God is not asleep.

In his tweet, Okese 1 said that he acquired his first car at the age of 18 and completed his first mansion at age 21.

Musician Okese 1

However, responding to his tweet, a tweep said that he is not ready to sμck blood implying that the Musician made his money through ritμal means.

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The tweep in responding to Okese 1’s Tweet wrote “oga am not ready to sμck blood ooh,hw3 saa dracula adwuma no mentumi”

Okese one is a ritualist

However, Okese 1 is yet to reply the allegations made by the Tweep.



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