The ‘beef’ between Okese 1 and Andy Dosty was planned – Edem


Ghanaian rapper Denning Edem Hotor says the ‘beef’ between musician Okese 1 and renowned entertainment show host Andy Dosty was planned.

There have been several social media arguments and throwing of jabs between Musician Okese 1 and Andy Dosty after the Musician was allegedly sacked by the the radio show host.

Musician, Okese 1 was scheduled to appear on Andy Dosty’s show on hitz FM but the musician turned up late for the show and was sacked by the host.

Commenting on the “beef” between these two persons, rapper Edem said that he knows that the beef was planned to hype the artist  — Okese 1

In a tweet, EDEM said “YO @andydosty it was planned..I know”

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Edem says Okesey 1 and Andy Dosty's beef was planned

Many celebrities and musicians who have engaged in ‘BEEFS’ in the country are said to have planned them.

It is alleged that musicians plan to engage in ‘beefs’ so as to hype their songs, become popularly or resurrect their dead carriers.

Watch how Andy Dosty sacked Okese 1 from the studios of Hitz fm




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