“We are a dishonest and a lying people” – NGO tells Ghanaians

Ghanaian Comedian popularly called NGO or Quizmaster

Ghanaian Comedian popularly called NGO or Quizmaster has described Ghanaians as dishonest and lying people. According to the Comedian, all Ghanaians complain about Government Officials being corrupt but they are not the only problem the country has. He further added that, persons at all levels in the country: from Government Officials to non Government Officials … Read more

“Use motorbike or bicycle and stop the noise about the traffic situation” – Fred Duhoe

Fred Duhoe

A Netizen has advised Ghanaians to start using alternative means of transportation and stop lamenting over the traffic situation on the country’s road. On Thursday, the traffic situation in the capital city of Ghana—Accra was very huge due to the movement of cars because of the festive season. This situation has got many Ghanaians talking … Read more

Accra traffic: Nobody can move their cars by 2030 with the same road network – Saddick Adams

Saddick Adams

Ghanaian sports journalist Saddick Baba Adams says nobody will be able to move their cars by 2030 in Accra if things remains the same. The traffic jam in the capital city of Ghana—Accra has become topical as many persons spend several hours in traffic whiles traveling in the city. According to Saddick Baba Adams, if … Read more

‘Don’t be deceived, No love is unconditional’ – Akesse Sanza

Akesse Sanza

Renowned Ghanaian travel blogger Akese Jet Sanza has advised his followers against what is commonly reffered to as unconditional love. According to Akese Jet Sanza, there is no such thing as unconditional love because there are conditions attached to every love. The blogger further added that, God’s love is conditional and the parents’ love towards … Read more

“Everyone has come to understand that they can’t solve the problems in this country” – Saddick Adams

Saddick Adams

Ghanaian sports journalist Saddick Baba Adams says there are certain problems in Ghana that no person can solve. According to him, all citizens of Ghana are trying so hard to just to make enough money to allow them live comfortably in the problems in the country. Some of the problems which according to Saddick cannot … Read more

Drug use in Schools has nothing do with dreadlocks – Stonebwoy


Ghanaian Afropop, Dancehall and reggae singer, Stonebwoy says drμg use in Schools have nothing to do with the wearing of dreadlocks. There have been the debate of allowing rasterfarians to wear dreadlocks in public Senior High Schools after Achimota school denied some students admission for wearing dreadlocks. This debate has seen some persons arguing that … Read more