Rawlings’ ‘side children’; Men need to do better – Felicity Nelson

The host of straight talk on Class 91.3 fm, Felicity Nelson has joined the conversation surrounding the children of the J J Rawlings who have emerged after his death.

Days after the death of the former President Jerry John Rawlings, some persons have emerged claiming to be his children and this has sparked a lot of controversies on social media.

Contributing to the debate, Felicity Nelson said that ‘Men need to do better’ and that it is unfair for Men to leave behind children that are unknown to their known family.

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According to her Men dying only for their families to find out that they have extra marital kids has become common.

Read Nelson Felicity’s Facebook Post

“Are Ghanaians really acting shocked that a woman has turned up to Rawlings’ funeral claiming she’s his daughter

Isn’t it quite common for us to find about extra marital kids after a man dies?

What is new here?

Why are we acting like there isn’t an actual possibility that she’s his daughter

Too many men live double, triple, quadruple lives whilst they are alive

A man will die and his wife will find out that he had an entire family elsewhere ( 3 kids and a wife)

They die and leave their families to deal with the aftermath of their inability to keep their zips closed

Men need to do better

It’s so unfair on the people you leave behind to have to deal with the sorrow that comes with your demise and the realization that they never really knew you”

SOURCE : Talkingdrum.com.gh


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