Politician stops his convoy to help Poor women carrying heavy loads

A Politician has been praised for stopping to his convoy to help a woman carrying a heavy load.

The Nigeria Borno State governor Babagana Zulum whiles moving in his convoy saw some poor women carrying a heavy load of firewood.

The Borno State governor state governor upon seeing this poor women carrying such a heavy load stopped his convoy and help them carry the firewood in his vehicle.

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  • The truth is Prof Zulum is doing a fantastic job in Borno state. He’s really transforming the state. If u know the condition he met the state as a Governor, and hw it is now, only then will u appreciate him. Helping these women isn’t he only thing he’s done.
  • When a governor does good wailers will say eye service but when he does mistake they will insult him..nothing can be done to please nigerians
  • Does he move around with a cameraman or was the cameraman just passing by.
  • If this is an act of selfless service then why is it in the news? Why are press men there? Remember that what you do in the closet will be rewarded opening but what you do in the open have, you will receive your reward from the audience. Abeg 2023 don dey near we don dey see film.

SOURCE : Talkingdrum.com.gh


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