Nigerians Shower Praises on Africa’s Richest man Aliko Dangote for…

Aliko Dangote, The Richest man in Africa
Aliko Dangote, The Richest man in Africa

Nigerians have showered praises on Africa’s wealthiest man Aliko Dangote for his enormous support and the provision of Jobs for the Youths of Nigeria. 

According to Nigerians, business Mogul Aliko Dangote has become more or less a saviour of the most populated country on the continent.

In their eulogy some Nigerians indicated that he has created has helped in reducing unemployment in the country by creating many jobs for the Youths of the country.

Dangote who has an estimated  an net worth of US$13.5 billion as at July 2020 owns many businesses in Nigeria which has created many jobs for the country’s Youths.

Some of the companies owned by Dangote in Nigeria are ;

Dangote Sugar, MHF Properties, Savannah Sugar, Dangote Pasta, National Salt Company (NASCON), Dangote Classic Seasoning, Dangote Oil and Gas, Dansa Foods, Greenview Development, Dangote Transportation, Dangote Agro-sacks among others.

Below are some of the tweets from Nigerians who think Aliko Dangote is a saviour of the country.

@MFaarees indicated that,the Africa’s richest man is very wide and uses his wealth to positively touch the lives of thousands of people.

Dangote is our Saviour

@_Farees also added that, the Dangote foundation commissioned over 200 Housing Units of the Dangote Village Housing Estate for the Internally Displaced Persons in Maiduguri, Borno State.

Aliko Dangote

@__Babangeeda also saidYour greatest achievements are the tears you wipe away from people not the things you acquire. Dangote foundation donated sum of 2 billion naira to IDP in Borno & Food items.”

Aliko Dangote

@__usyy in a tweet also said that Dangote has expanded access to improved water, sanitation, improved behavioral change, and livelihood support for the poor in the country.

“The Aliko Dangote Foundation is committed to directly reaching one million households with community based management of acute malnutrition, which provide access to improved water & sanitation, improved behavioral change, and livelihood support.”



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