Nathalie Fort gets an international position after resigning from TV3

Nathalie Fort
Nathalie Fort

Renowned Television show host, Nathalie Fort who recently left Media General has bagged a big deal after leaving TV3.

Nathalie Fort left TV3 a few weeks ago after working with the station for several years as a newscaster.

However, few weeks after her resignation, Nathalie Fort is now a Member of the Advisory Board of the World Sustainability Organization.

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In a post, Nathalie Fort said that she is proud to be a member of the Advisory Board of the WSO.

She said;

“Proud to be a Member of the Advisory Board of the World Sustainability Organization (WSO) – Friends of the Earth 🌍 & Friends of the Sea 🌊).

The World Sustainability Organisation is a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), aimed towards protecting critical habitats and endangered species globally, by means of the Sustainability certifications – Friends of the Earth and Friends of the Sea Sustainability certifications and their related conservation and awareness projects.

There’s lots of opportunity in the sustainability sector in Africa.”



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