“Money and riches is not anything” – Steven Kings

Steven Kings

There have been over a century old argument over the relationship between Wealth and Happiness and this argument is not ending any soon.

As many persons argue that money cannot buy happiness, other persons also argue that Poverty is not an option as it only brings with it problems and sufferings.


A young man called Steven Kings who has ‘made it in life’ says that money and riches is not anything.

According to Steven, he is making the argument that money and riches are not anything because he did not have happiness when he was in the world.

Steven also argued that, when he was in the world and did not know Jesus, he lived the best of life but his life was not complete untill he found and accept JESUS CHRIST as the Lord of his life.

He further advised his friends, brothers and sisters run to Jesus and have a better rest and happiness because he is now one of the happiest guys in the whole world after he accepted Jesus.

In his post Steven Kings wrote;

“This is not the time for seeking money and riches this is the time for you to seek for holiness and righteousness
Seek the Lord when He can be found
Don’t live your life anyhow, Jesus Christ is calling you now please”

“The reason why I’m saying money and riches is not anything is that I don’t have happiness first as I was in the world even I live a best of life but my life is not complete till I found Jesus Christ the Lord of my life then I’m now one of the happiest guy in the whole world hallelujah hallelujah hallelujah so my brothers and sisters run to Jesus and have a better rest please.”

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Below are the Facebook posts from Steven Kings.

Stephen Kings

Steven Kings

SOURCE: Talkingdrum.com.gh


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