Man Shower Praises on the Ghana Police Service, says the Service is one of the most Polite, friendly and professional Police he have ever met

The Chief Executive Officer of the Soft Group, Mr. Godwin Martey has showered Praises on the Ghana Police Service for their Professionalism.

According to Mr. Godwin Amartey in a Facebook post, he had a very pleasant experience with the Ghana Police Service which he can never forget.

Read below what Mr. Godwin Martey wrote about his experience with the Ghana Police Service.


I had moved to my Business Partner’s house last night for a Meeting with our Foreign Partners via Video Conferencing.
Our meeting with them was to last about 3 hours, but due to time difference and a little delay at their end, the meeting dragged into past midnight, we were done at about 2am, I was so exasperated and sleepy, but I was determined to drive home – so I washed my face with cold water and sat behind my Steering wheel, sped off and began the journey from Trassaco to my house.

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When I got to a Police Barrier, my windows were up, the Police man knocked on my window, when I looked at him, he flashed his torch, the gesture which interpreted that I should wind down my glass window, so I did.

A Dialogue began:

PO: Gentleman, evening, where from and to where?

Me: Evening, from a meeting to my House.

PO: That must have been a late meeting, you look very tired and sleepy, how can I help you get home safely?

Me: (Out of Surprise), Wow, well, thank you Sir, I am truly tired and sleepy, but I think I can manage myself home, I will use the Motorway to my house.

PO: (Out of Concern) Motorway? That’s very unsafe for you, I have a suggestion, can I let a colleague of mine join you at your passenger seat so you can have company to keep you awake? My Boys can also follow you with their Car to ensure you get home safely and then they can return.

Me: Really? That will be awesome, I will appreciate it.

PO: Ok, please kindly park well so we can attend to other Drivers whilst I get them to attend to you.

I did park, and in about 3 minutes later, one of them had come to my passenger side, he asked me if he can come in and sit, I said oh yes he can. He came and sat by me, I saw their Operation Calm Life Pickup Follow my car. He started engaging me, the first thing that blew my mind was that the Officer sitting next to me was so versatile in Law, he knew beyond the Traffic Regulations, he was engaging me so well on Constitutional Law, and discussing the Separation of Powers of Government and how the Executive Powers of a President by the Constitution is too unfettered in many ways. Infact I learnt alot from him. He was sharing from History to Arts to Politics to Law to Governance to Literature – he was quoting Chinua Achebe ooo, eishhh, I lost my sleep behind the Steering completely and was wildly awake.

When we got to the Toll Booth, I didn’t pay Toll, at the barrier, the attendant there just opened the toll bar and I passed, guess what? He said in a very polite way that it was wrong and illegal, that I should park and go and pay the toll, and that he also wants to ask the toll attendant why he allowed me pass without paying, that he wants to correct the attendant that there mere fact that he was sitting next to me is not an exemption for paying toll.

At this point, I had been overwhelmed and impressed by this Policeman. I then had to explain to him that, the attendant didnt open the bar because of him, it was because I am an E-Zone Member, and the E-Zone section was closed, but the attendants at the cash sections have their own way of knowing an E-zone registered Vehicle, so I didnt need to say anything for them to open it.

Startled by the Officer, he asked me to show him proof, please be minded that all these chats were in a very jovial, calm and friendly manner ooo, I showed him proof and he said “Oh ok, that’s nice.”

We got to my house, they waited to see me open the gate, entered, and locked the gate. I offered to give them something out of myown volition for their fantastic help and reception, they were 3 in the pickup that followed us. These Officers refused to collect it, ah? It was like a movie out of one of the woods. Still not satisfied that they will leave empty-handed, I gave them my Card that I will like to offer free Software Development Training for any of their kids who may be interested in I.T, they collected the card, one asked if I had water as he was thirsty, I went in and got him a few bottles of water – and they left, I was blown away.

This morning, their boss who stopped me in the first place at the barrier yesterday, called me this morning and said that he got my card from his subordinates and wanted to call on me to check on me if everything is okay with me now.

Guys, guys, guys, I was overwhelmed with emotions, I was startled, and in my rare bewilderment, I immediately gained fluency in silence, having no words to mutter. He kept saying “hello” on the phone repeatedly, and in a few seconds later, my cerebral came back to position, I responded and assured him I am well, he said I should store his number and that incase of any emergency or if I needed any Police assistance I should call him.

I asked that I will love to come take a picture with him and his team and do an article about their amazing service, he said, “Oh don’t worry young man, we are only doing our job.”

Afew days ago, I saw a video of EndSars Protest by Nigerians at the Nigerian High Commission in Ghana, and the Ghana Police were there to still help and protect them to ensure everything was peaceful and no one was hurt by violence, the Policemen were without guns to scare anyone, they were calm, strategically positioned all over, well dressed and had their Vehicles around. No one was being intimidated or assaulted. I think we have something to celebrate.

Guys, we all travel, I can confidently say that Ghana Police, largely speaking, is one of the most polite, friendly and professional Police I have ever met. Mind you, even in the United States, there are bad Policemen, so we can’t have a Perfect situation, but Ghana Police deserves the applause and accolades, they are doing so well.

God Bless Ghana Police.

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