Man dies of Heart Attack after realizing that his wife’s new born baby is for his younger brother

Police carrying dead body
Police carrying dead body

A man has reportedly passed away after he realised that his wife has been cheating on him.

According to the story as narrated by a Tweep, the man who died of heart attack knew that his wife was cheating on him with his younger brother.

However, the poor man couldn’t say anything because he and his wife were living in his wealthy younger brother’s house and his wealthy younger brother also promised to set him up with a business.

Eventhough this poor man knew what was going on between his wife and brother, what broke the camel’s back and he had a heart attack was that her Wife gave birth to a baby boy with younger brothers’ birth mark.

Read the story below as narrated by a Tweep.

“My neighbor died of heart attack this morning. He knew his wealthy younger bro is sleeping with his wife but kept calm because he’s living in younger Bro’s house and he also promised to help start a business 4 him. Wife just gave birth to a baby boy with younger bro’s birth mark.”

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