Legon Lady in trouble after Participating in the #Silhouettechallenge on Twitter

#Sillhouettechallenge is currently trending on Twitter as many ladies have joined the challenge and are uploading their silhouette challenge videos.

One of the ladies who participated in the challenge on Twitter is currently in tears after her dad who pays her fees her University fees spotted her sillhouette challenge video online.

In a chat between the lady and her dad sighted by talkingdrum, her dad angrily questioned why she made such a video.

According to the lady’s dad, they have been challenging her to get good results in school but she never did but she is participating in a Twitter challenge.

Eventhough the lady apologized to his dad and explained that she was wearing her dress when she did the video, it seems her dad is a “no nonsense man”.

The lady’s dad threatened not to pay her University fees again eventhough the lady apologized.

The lady’s dad also challenged her to come home immediately.

Read the chat between the lady and her father below.

What do you make of this situation, do you think this man must punish her daughter by not paying her University fees because she participated in the Sillhouettechallenge on Twitter?

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