Lady just realized that her long term Sugar Daddy is her biological father

Sugar dating has become popular as some ladies have accepted to be Sugar dating or what is popularly called Sugar Daddy.

The act of Sugar dating is more or less a transactional dating practice where an older and wealthier person dates a younger person in need of financial assistance in a mutually beneficial relationship.

It has ended in tears for a lady who has been sugar dating an older and wealthy man for many years just realized that the man she has been sugar dating is her biological father.

According to the lady who revealed the information, her cousin just found out that she has been sugar dating his own father.

In a tweet, the lady asked for prayers for her cousin. She said “Yo Bafethu, please pray for my cousin. She just found out that her sugar daddy is her biological

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Lady dates his own father as sugar daddy

As expected, some socialites  have been reacting to the situation in which this lady has found herself.

In their reactions, some persons think the lady deserves such a disappointment for sugar dating as others console her as it’s not her fault.

Below are some of their reactions;

“This is an act every young lady should avoid dating older than some of the uses this young ladies for their personal gain then later they just give u something small but it will later have serious implications on u in the future what an aborminable act and a taboo.”

“There’s no short cut in life, it always ends in tears. How can someone with conscience date her father’s age mate? Easy way, easy tears, easy troubles.”

“When young girls want life beyond what their family can provide, these things become inevitable. When elderly people won’t deal with their sizes, what else? When you want sugar, go to the street and buy. You wouldn’t be guilty if you bought from your father.”



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