“Keep your ‘bae’ out of your Graduation pictures, a break up might ruin the memories forever” – A Professional Photographer advises

A professional photographer James Abdul has advised students graduating to keep their boyfriends and girlfriends out of their graduation pictures. 

It has become a common phenomena for students graduating from the University to invite their boyfriends and girlfriends to their graduation ceremony.

Taking pictures for remembrance has become very important to many graduating students and these pictures mostly features the person they are dating as at the time they’re graduating from the University.

However, a professional photographer named James Abdul has advised graduating students to keep their boyfriends and girlfriends out of their graduating pictures.

According to him, featuring the person you’re dating as at the time you’re graduating from the University can ruin the picture memories forever.

In a Facebook post, James Abdul said ;

Keep your bae out of your Graduation
pictures, you might break up and ruin the picture memories forever.”

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Keep your girlfriend and boyfriend out of your graduation pictures

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SOURCE : Talkingdrum.com.gh


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