Judges and lawyers are still wearing s!lly horse wigs but we think it’s wrong for someone to carry dreadlocks – Sam George

The member of Parliament for the Ningo Prampram Constituency Hon. Sam George has joined the debate over students being rejected from school for wearing dreadlocks.

Joining the debate, Sam George indicated that we—Ghanaians think that it’s cool for Judges and lawyers to wear s!lly horse wigs but think it is bad for other persons to wear dreadlocks to school.

According to him, we—Ghana has got our priorities wrong because we always think that if an MP is not wearing a suit and tie, that means the MP is improperly dressed.

Hon. Sam Nartey George in a Facebook post said;

“This Country we call Ghana eh. Hmmmm.

We still have Judges and lawyers wearing s!lly horse wigs looking like colonial caricature relics and that’s cool but we think it is wrong for someone to carry dreadlocks? We still think if you are not wearing a suit and tie, you are improperly dressed as an MP. What mentality is this kra?

Our priorities are just so twisted! Good night before my mouth gets me into trouble mpo.”

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Sam George insults Judges

SOURCE : Talkingdrum.com.gh


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