John Dumelo ventures into Rubber tree Plantation farming

Actor John Dumelo on his rubber farm
John Dumelo

The 2020 Parliamentary candidate for the opposition National Democratic Congress, actor and farmer John Dumelo has ventured into rubber tree farming after his defeat in the race to become a Member of Parliament. 

In a tweet, the actor who has become an inspiration to the youth who want to join the agricultural value chain outlined how profitable the cultivation of a Rubber tree can be.

According to John Dumelo, when a rubber tree is planted, it takes about six years for harvesting to begin but once you start harvesting, you will continue to do same for the next twenty eight [28] years.

In his post, John Dumelo said;

“It takes about six years for a rubber tree to grow to a point where you start to harvest. You can harvest for 28 years. Each tree can give you approx 8.6kg of latex a year. One acre rubber plantation can have 220-240 trees in it so that’s about 1,760kg a year approx.” 

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John Dumelo on his Rubber Plantation

Some of the followers of the Actor/Politician have been reacting to his tweet about rubber tree farming.

A tweep Commenting on John Dumelo’s post indicated that the actor is indeed an inspiration to the youth.

“John you are indeed an inspiration. Please if you have enough time kindly look at the agricultural chain and throw more light on it.

It’s sad we still can’t feed our people.
4 provinces provide about 40% of China’s total GDP through agricultural. Why can’t we emulate them?”

A tweep named Barnabas also said that John Dumelo’s energy is simply outstanding. He said “Your energy us simply outstanding Sir. I love to see you in these all the time. Agric is the way to go, I tried linking during the #porkmoney days. But to no avail.”






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