“I’m confuse, my fiance Confessed days to our wedding that she took me to a Juju Man”

Seeking the assistance of fetish priests, Mallams and Juju men for love charms has become a common phenomenon in many relationships.

A man has disclosed that he is confuse as to what to do because her fiance who he was making arrangements to get married to has confessed that she took him to fetish priest.

According to the Man, she invited her fiance to his church and his pastor requested to see them after the sermon and when they met the Pastor, the Pastor revealed that his fiance visited a fetish priest for some charms because of him.

The man added that, her fiance confessed that she actually went to visit a fetish priest but explained that the “medicine” was to keep his eyes off other ladies because she has dated me for 8yrs and wanted to avoid other ladies from snatching me away.

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Hi Naa,
Two weeks ago, I invited my fiance to my church and the pastor requested to see us after sermon. Naa, what the pastor revealed to me was shocking. He said, my fiance visited a fetish priest because of me. Naa, she confessed but explained that the “medicine” was to keep my eyes off other ladies. She added that, she has dated me for 8yrs and wanted to avoid other ladies from snatching me away.
Naa, my problem is that if she can see a “Juju man” before marriage then I can’t imagine the length she can go after we tie the knot.
Naa, what should I do? Understand her or end the relationship?

The big question still remains…What will you do if you were in his shoes?



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