“If Nana Addo is serious, he would have to think carefully before making his appointments to… – Mr. Franklin Cudjoe

Mr. Franklin Cudjoe
Mr. Franklin Cudjoe

The Founding President and chief executive officer of IMANI Centre for Policy and Education Mr. Franklin Cudjoe says of Nana Addo is serious, he would have to think carefully before making his appointments to the ministry of Communications.

On April 2020, the Ministry of Communications under the leadership of Mrs. Ursula Owusu-Ekuful launched the Covid-19 tracker mobile application for Android and iOS devices to help in the fight against Covid-19.

Few months after the launch of the mobile application, many Ghanaians have been reacting to the performance of the app with many Citizens saying that the app has not Performed as expected with some saying it’s a misplaced priority.

The founder of IMANI, Mr. Franklin Cudjoe has raised questions about the Covid-19 tracker app as the country continues to record more cases of the virus.

In a tweet, Mr. Cudjoe asked some questions. He asked; who launched the Covid-19 tracker application? and how much the application costs.

Mr. Franklin Cudjoe further indicated that if the President of the Republic, Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo is serious, he would think carefully before making his new appointments to the Ministry of Communications.

In a tweet, Mr. Franklin Cudjoe said;

“Who launched the Covid-19 tracker app?How much has been paid? Do you now believe me when I tell you that ministry had been lying to you about savings from some tax monitoring? If Nana Addo is serious,he would have to think carefully before making his appointments to that ministry.”

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Some Ghanaians have been reacting to Mr. Franklin Cudjoe’s tweet with some Citizens supporting Mr. Cudjoe’s comments and some citizens disagreeing with his statement.

@PrempehNanayaa said “Sometimes I laugh out loud when I hear Bawumia as a successor of Nana Addo. We still remember the Scandalous Ghana Post GPA , Covid tracker app and others.

Time will really tell . Where did the money go ? Corruption and misuse of public purse is flourishing under Akufo Addo.”

@SyawOsei also added that “Is the Covid-19 Tracker App the reason why we are recording more cases recently? Is it not about our own attitudes?”

@Felixfelixayumu also said “This was obvious from day one but our dear journalists and CSOs who set the agenda did not ask the relevant questions to demand reasonable answers for the people.”


SOURCE : Talkingdrum.com.gh


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