I have removed all the 15 piercings from my body – Says repented Wendy Shay

Ghanaian singer Wendy Shay says she has repented from her old ways and that she has now found Christ.

According to the “Uber Driver” hitmaker, she has removed all the fifteen (15) piercings on her body because she has now repented and found Jesus Christ.

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“I have removed all the piercings from my body because realized that when you are preaching the word of God, people are judgemental , even the bible says we must make our lifestyle and appearance match with what we preaching.”- Wendy Shay revealed.

She further explained that God spoke to her about removing all the piercings on her body so that people can accept what she is preaching and that is the main reason why she has taken off her piercings.

The musician speaking in an interview on Neat FM further added that before she came to Ghana, she did not believe in God until her manager ‘Bullet’ took her to church and she found Christ.



SOURCE : TalkingDrum.com.gh


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