Helping Students in Mathematics: Chapter Five



This chapter talks about the summary of all chapters, conclusion and recommendations.


The researcher conducted this research based on the problem identified and its importance to everyone. The researcher identified the problem pupils’ inability to understand the concept “the sum of interior angles of a triangle adds up to 180°” in my school of practice in Basic Seven (7) class of Avenorpeme R/C Basic School. The researcher therefore took the challenge to research into the problem and found solutions to it. It was realize that the pupils’ inability to solve the problem was due to many factors. But the major one is used below.

Lack of Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs) upon identifying this problem, the researcher taught the same topic to the pupils using Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs) and activity based method teaching. After the intervention, post-test was conducted and the result was compared to the pre-test. It was observed that pupils’ inability to solve question based on the concept “the sum of interior angles of a triangle adds up to 180°” had been solved because pupils performed better. This shows that, appropriate use of Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs) in teaching is very important.


Considering my intervention all that other authors said were directly related to the findings of the researcher, on other concept “the sum of interior angles of a triangle adds up to 180°”. Also the use of Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs) appropriately is important in lesson delivery. This was noticeable in pupils’ performance after the Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs) were used.


Teachers should give many exercise and assignments to pupils which should be marked promptly and feedback given to boost pupils’ moral. Again teachers should develop good relationship with their pupils in order to identify their individual problems.

Research is needed in various schools of the country. Ghana Education Service (GES) should entreat teachers to conduct research in order to enhance their teaching and learning.


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