Ghana Police Service recruited hooligans, unintelligent and unwise citizens into the service

Ghana Police Service
Ghana Police Service

A Ghanaian Citizen with the Facebook name Citizen Yao says the Ghana Police Service has recruited hooligans, unintelligent and unwise citizens into the service.

According to Citizen Yao, the hooligans,
unintelligent and unwise persons that has been recruited into the Ghana Police Service perform their duties unprofessionally or unwisely.

The Citizen further added that, the journalist (Umaru) who was harrased should have arrested the Police officers because their attitude towards him showed that they wanted to ‘Plant’ drugs on him.

These Comments from Citizen Yao comes after a video circulating on social media shows how some Police Officers harrased Citifm/CitiTV journalist Umaru Sanda
Amadu in search of drugs and weapons.

In a Facebook post, Citizen Yao wrote;

“Ghana Police recruited hooligans or
unintelligent and unwise citizens into the
service to act unprofessionally or unwisely.

Harassing Citifm/CitiTV Umaru Sanda
Amadu in search of drugs and weapons.
Speaking to him provocatively and meting
verbal assaults on him.

One of the officers was even bold to tell him if he likes, he can take him to heaven court and that demonstrated he has no respect for the court.

Umaru should have arrested them
(citizen arrest instead) and search them
because their attitude towards him showed, the officers rather had the drugs on them and finding ways to put it into his cars and later arrest him through another patrol team on his way.”

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Ghana Police Service

Assault and harrasement from some Officers of the Ghana Police Service towards Citizens have become a common phenomena in the country as many Men and Women in Uniform abuse their office and Power.



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