Fix the Country converners begin Petition to the United Nations

Fix the country conveners petition the United Nations
Fix the country conveners petition the United Nations

The converners of fix the Country campaign have began a petition to support them to write to the United Nations.

According to them, they are writing to the United Nations to intervene and call on the Government of Ghana to fix the country because of the following reasons;

1. The youth in Ghana are suffering.

2. No water, No electricity, No jobs.

3. Corruption and bribery in the country.

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4. Increment of taxes with no increase in salary.

5. We need change. We need to fix the country. The country is in a bad state.

6. Member of parliament and Ministers don’t care about citizens.

7. We need help. We are the youth. We are voicing out, please come to our aid please.

The #fixTheCountry petition to the United Nations has already been signed by 11,466 Ghanaians.



Ghanaians have been campaigning with the harshtag #fixthecountry for the past few Weeks calling on the Government to fix the problems confronting the country.


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