Eugene Arhin reacts to his wife’s divorce suit

Mr. Eugene Arhin and wife divorce
Mr. Eugene Arhin

Mr. Eugene Arhin who is the Communications director at the Presidency has responded to his wife’s divorce suit.

In his response, Mr. Eugene Arhin said that the divorce petition was deliberately leaked on social media to achieve a certain effect.

Mr. Arhin also further said that he has not been served the divorce petition which his wife has filed at the law Court.

In a Facebook post, Mr. Eugene Arhin said;

“I have seen a divorce petition filed by my wife, which has been deliberately leaked all over social media obviously
to achieve a certain effect.

I have still not been served with these court processes, and, upon receipt, my lawyers will respond accordingly.

Every marriage has challenges, and such challenges should not be addressed in the court of public opinion. I will not, for the sake of my children, and for the dignity of my wife, engage in any public banter.

In as much as many of the
claims leveled against me are baseless and untrue, especially with respect to properties and physical abuse.

I will hold my peace and deal with them in the Court of Law.”

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Mr. Eugene Arhin and wife



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