“Don’t go around spreading rumours about your neighbor when Almighty blesses him/her, instead be happy for him and pray – Mufti Menk

Mufti Menk
Mufti Menk

Renowned Zimbabwean Muslim cleric Ismail ibn Musa Menk, popularly called Mufti Menk has advised his followers not to go about around spreading rumours or gossiping about him their neighbors if God blesses them.

It has become a common phenomena for people to go about spreading rumors and gossips about their neighbors, friends and families when God blesses them with good things such as wealth.

Mufti Menk who is well known for advising the Youth has urged his over seven (7) million followers to be careful how they react when the Almighty God blesses their neighbour.

According to Mufti Menk, one must be Happy and when their neighbours are blessed and also pray to God to bless them in a similar manner.

In a tweet, Mufti Menk said “Don’t ruin the happiness of others. Your turn will come. Be careful how you react when the Almighty blesses your neighbour. Be happy for him and pray that the Almighty rewards you in a similar manner. Don’t go around spreading rumours or gossiping about him. Check your heart!”

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Mufti Menk

As usual, many of the followers of Mufti Menk has been reacting to his tweet.

@ToyyibSanusi said “Be happy for others, be contented with what you have, strive to have more through prayer and hard work. It not easy to be but it’ll worth it, am telling you!”

@AhmadSuleimahn also added that “The act of spreading rumors, gossiping or been so jealous about ones success, is the worst heart disease that will only lead your heart to rust. Check your heart!

May Almighty guide and purify our hearts with love for one another.”

@realRyiadhMiah said “And he acts out of pride, jealousy and envy, so the fire is sufficient for him. And Allah’s punishment has descended upon him because he took as his Lord his desires. Evil is the path that he follows. Death, dumb and blind – he will never be directed to the sound and stable way.”

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