Big ‘Botos’ made me abandon my house to go live in cape coast and Winneba – Funny Face

Funny Face
Funny Face

Ghanaian comedian Benson Nana Yaw Oduro Boateng popularly known as Funny Face says has advised his followers to becarefull of big ‘Botos’ girls.

According to the Comedian who has been going through many psychological problems lately through the disappointment from women, big ‘Botos’ girls made him do Unnecessary things.

The Comedian also added that when he was coming up as a comedian ten years ago, he was warned to be weary of big ‘Botos’ which he is now suffering from.

According to Funny Face, he abandoned his house and travelled to live at places such as cape coast and Winneba because of big ‘Botos’ girls.

In a tweet earlier today, Funny Face wrote;

10 years ago .. NANA YAW , I know you will be a big star in Ghana 🇬🇭 one day .but ur only problem is da big Botos girls 🤣 .when you get to da top bro .. becareful “ 🤣🔥🙌✊ herrrrrh ELLIS u are a prophet 🤣 Botos made me abandon my house to go live in cape coast and Winneba !🤣 

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