“Anyone who cannot condemn LGBTQI is a Homos3xual in disguise”

The debate over the legalization of the rights of LGBTQI is not ending any soon in Ghana.

For the paste few weeks, issues surrounding queers have been a major topic in the country’s  media landscape following the opening of an LBGTQI office in the capital city.

Contributing to the debate, a netizen  with the name Dan Apeemah has said that any person who cannot outrightly condemn LGBTQI is a Homos3xual in disguise.

In a Facebook post, Dan Apeemah said;

“I do not know who this post may hurt. But ALL those who cannot go straight to condemn LGBTQI are homos3xuals in disguise. LGBTQ+ rights are neither
animal rights nor human rights.”

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Dan Apeemah speaks on LGBTQI

As a citizen of Ghana, have you condemned such acts or you’re also a_____ in disguise.

SOURCE : Talkingdrum.com.gh


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