Afia Schwar tells ladies to feel free and give her twins free Distin to chop

Afia Schwarzenegger and her Sons
Afia Schwarzenegger and her Sons

Ghanaians comedian Valentina Nana Agyeiwaa aka Afia Schwarzenegger has sent a message to all ladies admiring her twins.

In her message to them, Afia Schwar said that her twins will not marry any lady that is schooled in Ghana.

The comedian however added that ladies can feel free and give them FREE

Earlier, a post circulating in social media shows one of Afia’s twins in a picture with a lady who is suspected to be his girlfriend.

In an Instagram post, Afia Schwar said;

“Let me put a word of advice to every beautiful girl In this country called Ghana.

My sons are my investment n so they will not I repeat THEY WILL NOT MARRY ANY GIRL SCHOOLING IN MY BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY CALLED GHANA.

However if you feel like giving them FREE puz*y…God bless you for your contribution towards our success story.

Dear GH Media…stop referring to donors as my inlaws.
We don’t know them and No one will reject FREE lunch.

My boys are in school to study Not to look for future that again
Have a wonderful G^Y FREE afternoon.”

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Afia Schwarzenegger,s twins




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