A lady proposed to me and I said no and she blocked me, she proposed again and I…

Guy weeps after broken hear
A young man has revealed how a lady blocked him several times after he turned down her love proposal.

According to the young man only known as Sikani Kwame, a young lady who admired him proposed love to him and he rejected the ladies proposal.

Sikani Kwame further added that after he rejected the lady’s love proposal, the lady blocked her for a year.

He also said that after the Lady blocked him for a year, the lady unblocked him and proposed again and after he rejected the proposal for the second time, the lady blocked him again.

In a tweet, Sikani Kwame said;

“A certain lady proposed to me , i said no, she blocked me , came back after a year to propose again , i said no and she blocked me again ..smh”

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Sikani Kwame

SOURCE : Talkingdrum.com.gh


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